Register to the Lost In Kainuu Adventure Race HERE.

Participation fee must be paid at the same time with registration. Payment can be done by credit card (Visa, Master card).


Travel and participation package (13.-15.9.2019) to Lost In Kainuu Kivesvaara Adventure Race 13.-14.9.2019 will be updated later.


Participation to Lost In Kainuu Adventure is possible if your team and racers fill these rules:
– At least 18 years old
– Basic and good physical and mental endurance
– Basic orienteering and swimming skills
– We don´t expect from our participants any special skills concerning adventure tasks (for ex. rope/upsailing/climbing tasks). Of course there is some advantage if you and your team have some experience about rope tasks, canoeing, orienteering, running, MTB-biking etc.

Maximum amount of the teams:

Extremely Lost -category 50 teams

Lost-category 75 teams

Almost Lost -category 75 teams



Entry step Extremely Lost Lost Almost Lost
1.2.-31.3.2019 390 € 240 € 140 €
1.4 – 31.5.2019 420 € 260 € 160 €
1.6 – 31.7.2019 450 € 280 € 180 €
1.8 – 10.9.2019 480 € 300 € 200 €

Participation fee includes:

All the necessary race materials, army bikes (if participants need bikes they must be reserved when enrolling to the competition at register service), materials for quests during the adventure, maintenance service during competition (amongst service points, including sleep over in camping area) meal at the finish area, shower and locker rooms at start and finish areas, placement rewards/prizes and memorial prize are included.

Payment of participation fee: Participation fee is paid when registering in registration service here.

Extra services (Booked during registration)

Finnish army bicycle

  • Bicycle is free for volunteers but they must be ordered during reservation

Accommodation in half platoon tent

  • Extremely Lost and Lost series may use the tent during 12-15.9
  • Price for E-Lost is 45 € /team
  • Price for Lost is 30 € /team
  • Almost Lost can use tent during 13-15th with price of 30 € /team
  • There are limited amount of tents which can be ordered the registration service


  • 12.9., buffe-dining, 18-21, Hotel Jättiläisenmaa, price 12 € / person → E-Lost and Lost -series info at 20:00
  • fri 13.9., breakfast, 06-10, Hotel Jättiläisenmaa, price 10 € / person, fri 13.9., buffe-dining, 18-21, Hotel Jättiläisenmaa, price 12 € / person
    → A-Lost -serie infotilaisuus at 20:00fri 13.9., soup meal, 18-03, Hotel Jättiläisenmaan, price 10 € / person– Soup meal will be served in all series:
    → E-Lost (during the competition)
    → Lost (After the first competition day)
    → A-Lost (Friday night)Sat 14.9., breakfast, 04-09,  Hotel Jättiläisenmaan, price 10 € / person– Lost and A-Lost -serie
    – E-Lost: NOT SERVEDSat 14.9. Soup lunch at the finish,10-19, Hotel Jättiläisenmaan– Included in participation fee!

Rental of emit-card:

It is possible to rent an emit card for 5 € /team during the registration if the team doesn’t have their own emit-emit card.


With this form, tell us your transportation needs between Kajaani-Kivesvaara. Transportation is only available if there are enough teams involved.

Possible rides are:

– Bus transportation Fri 13.9. 07:00, Kajaani-Kivesvaara (only E-lost and Lost -series), price 15 € /person

– Bus transportation Fri 13.9. 19:00, Kajaani-Kivesvaara (only Almost Lost -serie), price 15 € / person

– Bus transportation Sat 14.9. 22:00, Kivesvaara-Kajaani (all series), price 15 € / person

Bus transportation includes bicycle and equipment transportation

Terms of cancellations

  1. Participation fee includes right to join the race and the paid extra services (for ex. breakfasts and booked transportations).
  2. Teams can cancel their participation until 31.8.2018 when 50% of the participation fee will be returned. If cancellation is made after this date we do not return participation fee except in case of injury or illness (doctor´s statement needed).
  3. Paid participation fee can’t be moved (even in acute case of illness)  to inherit next year’s competition
  4. NOTICE!  If the registered team changes the series after the registration (for example from Extremely Lost -serie to Lost-serie) we do not return the subtotal, but if the change is made from Lost-serie to Extremely Lost -serie we collect the subtotal sum.
  5. Changes in team members are allowed until 14.9.2018. If your team members changes, please inform us to
  6. In terms of cancellation we inherit participation fee and paid services (paid emit card and booked transportation for example).
  7. In term of acute illness cancellations may be done until the day of the event in exchange of doctor’s certificate after the event has finished.
  8. Award prices will not be delivered to contestant unless in mandatory situations We will charge 20 € and postage admission upon delivering the package for team.