Here are some frequently asked questions of Lost In Kainuu Adventure…and of course the answers 🙂

1. Is anyone looking after our equipment like for example bikes when we don’t need them? Do we have to lock them? 

When it has been said on instructions that the bikes are left to a common storage during the quest, then they are looked after…but otherwise there are no surveillance of the equipment.

2. Are there life vests available for the swimming quests? 

In possible swimming quests, the organizer provides life vests.

3. Competition equipment

– Are the extra clothes for changing obligatory during the race? ?

It is advised to have exhange clothes for the competition that you can change your wet clothes after the waters quests. Also extra shoes can be usefull. Remember that thermal underwear that are mentioned in obligatory equipment, has to be with you all the way. Check “competition instructions and equipment list”.

– What kind of lamp is enough for the race?

This is valid for the Extremely Lost and Lost categories. In these categories all the team members must have headlight and red rear light/reflector when driving in the dusk and dark. In the Lost category for the possible tasks that are to be made by foot and in the dark, we recommend the nightlights that can function 5-6 hours. In Extremely Lost category (24 hours) it is important to have a lamp and extra batteries that allows you to function 12 hours alltogether.

– Is it worth to carry vet suit with me?

It is not worth to carry it with you as possible water tasks are short. But swimming suit is useful to have with you.

4. Is it obligatory to participate in to rope training?

We strongly recommend to participate, especially if you haven’t done rope climbing or abseiling before. But it is not obligatory.

5. How many route maps there is per team?

There are only one route map package / team as well as all the other possible orienteering maps during the adventure. But Extremely Lost and Lost category teams can purchase additional set of route maps when making the registration – additional set of route maps cost 5 €.

6. Is the bike´s milometer allowed (not with GPS)? 

Milometer is allowed if it is not any help with orienteering.

7. Does the mobile has to be so called basic model (without GPS) or is it enough that GPS is not on? 

It is enough that GPS is off

8. Is cyclo-cross bike or hybrid bike suitable for the race?

Hybrid bike is ok for the Almost Lost and Casually Lost categories but for the Lost and Extremely Lost categories we recommend to have fatbike or MTB bike with wider tyres or…of course it is possible to get through the race with hybrid or cyclo-cross bike but it might be much harder in some sections of the competition.

9. Can I use cycling shoes only during the race and carry running shoes in case of longer running parts of the race, or is it recommended to have only running shoes through the race?

It is possible to do both ways, but I would recommend to take running shoes only and race through the competition with them. First, it is possible to save some time when you don’t have to swap your shoes after cycling to running part. Secondly, you can’t know in advance when those different parts will be next so it is just simpler to have only one pair of shoes through the race.

10. Is Lost category’s teams possible to buy soup meal during the race from service and camping area? How about Almost Lost or Casually Lost teams if they arrive to overnight stay already on a Friday night to service and camping area? 

Yes, for all categories it is possible. Please remember to book those meals during the registration.

11. Will Lost category’s breakfast have gluten-free food option? Can Almost Lost and Casually Lost teams also book breakfast for Saturday morning if they’ve stayed at the camping area previous night?

Yes, for both.

12. Is the Competition Centre near the starting line?

Yes it is, quite close 🙂

13. If we go to somewhere else to accommodation for a Thursday-Friday night, are we needed to visit the race office in Kajaani?

No. You’ll get all your competition materials from Kajaani’s race office on the saturday morning. The race material is available from Kajaani office for Extremely Lost and Lost series on Thursday evening and Friday morning and for Almost Lost and Casually Lost series on Friday evening and Saturday morning. For more information about competition office’s visiting hours, please visit Event Info -page.