Participation fee must be paid at the same time with registration. Payment can be done by credit card (Visa, Master card).


Participation to Lost In Kainuu Adventure Race is possible if your team and racers fill these rules:

  • At least 18-years-old team members
    • At least 15-17-years-old in the categories Almost Lost and Casually Lost
      • Parent/custodian approval is needed
  • Basic and good physical and mental endurance
  • Basic orienteering and swimming skills
  • We don´t expect from our participants any special skills concerning adventure tasks (for ex. rope/upsailing/climbing tasks). Of course there is some advantage if you and your team have some experience about rope tasks, canoeing, orienteering, running, MTB-biking etc.

2. Maximum amount of the teams

Extremely Lost 24 H: totally 50 teams

Lost 16-18 H: totally 100 teams

Almost Lost 6-8 H: totally 100 teams

Casually Lost 3-4 H: totally 50 teams


Notice! Participation fees are informed as per team except in the Casually Lost category where it is as per participant.

 Participation fees 2023 Entry opens
1.2.2023 at 12.00am
Entry opens
1.2.2023 at 12.00am
Entry opens
1.2.2023 at 12.00am
Entry opens
1.2.2023 at 12.00am
Entry opens
1.2.2023 at 12.00am
Entry opens
1.2.2023 at 12.00am
1.2.-31.3. 1600 € 800 € 495 € 310 € 190 €
60 € / participant
1.4 – 31.5. 1800 € * 900 € * 525 € 330 € 210 €
70 € / participant
1.6 – 31.7. 2000 € 1000 € 555 € 350 € 230 €
80 € / participant
1.8 – 4.9. 2200 € 1100 € 585 € 370 € 250 €
90 € / participant

* AR 48: 48h series will not be organised this year as there were not enough participants.

3.1. Participation fee includes

See the complete list of the participation fee contents in here.

3.2. National Championships

The Lost In Kainuu Adventure is an official Finnish Students Championships competition. If you are allowed to take participation in one of these you can choose it in our registration service. The discount prices are as follows: Extremely Lost 24 H (- 30 € / team), Lost 16-18 H (- 20 € / team) and Almost Lost 6-8 H (- 10 € / team).
If you have questions about this, please contact:

3.3. Swim mattress 

Not needed in 2023.

3.4. Half platoon tents or similar ones

If your team is lack of tent (or some other shelter), please contact:

4. Additional services (Booked during registration)

4.1. Emit card rental

Reserve from entry service 5 € / card. Emit card must be reserved for the team if the team don’t have their own emit card.

4.2. Additional set of route maps

Notice! Two-four (2-4) sets of the route maps are included in the participation fees in every category.

Additional set of route maps are (therefore) available only in the categories as follows:
Casually Lost 3-4 H (additional map sets 3-5 are available, because map sets 1-2 are included in participation fee)

If a team in Casually Lost category is willing to reserve additional set of route maps 3-5 it is possible to do during the registration in the registration service by choosing an additional set of route maps.

Price: 5 € / team / map set (includes route map / maps)

4.3. Event meals

Check out which meals are included in the your category’s participation fee from this table.
From the same table you can see what other meals are served during the adventure. These other meals must be purchased on-site at the event place.

5. Mountain Bike (MTB) & Fatbike rental

Lost In Kainuu offers with the local MTB partner several high-class mountain bikes and fatbikes for rent to the participants of the event.

Together with a partner, Lost In Kainuu offers high-quality mountain bikes and fatbikes serviced for adventure races for rent to event participants.

The bikes will be available for rent in the registration service through a separate bike rental link. In our registration service choose “ENTER YOURSELF, FRIENDS OR FAMILY (in Finnish ILMOITTAUDU)” -> Scroll down the page and choose “RENT MTB/FATBIKE (CLICK HERE)”.

There is limited amount of MTB and Fatbikes available and those are reserved in the booking order.

5.1. Fatbikes are with the following equipments

  • Model: informed on June 2023
  • Suspension: informed on June 2023
  • Wheel size: informed on Feb-March 2023
  • Vent: informed on Feb-March 2023
  • Shifts: informed on Feb-March 2023
  • Breaks: informed on Feb-March 2023
  • Pedals: informed on Feb-March 2023
  • Basic equipment:
    • informed on Feb-March 2023
    • drinking bottle holder
  • Bike sizes:
    • S (15”), biker´s height under 165 cm
      M (17”), biker´s height 165-178 cm
      L (19”), biker´s height 178-185 cm
      XL (21”), biker´s height over 185 cm

5.2. MTB bikes are with the following equipments

  • Model: Several models
  • Suspension: Full or front
  • Wheel size: 27,5 or 29
  • Vent: Presta
  • Shifts: Shimano or Sram
  • Breaks: Fluid disc brake
  • Pedals: Normal
  • Basic equipment:
    • normal basic equipment
    • drinking bottle holder
  • Bike sizes:
    • S (15”), biker´s height under 165 cm
      M (17”), biker´s height 165-178 cm
      L (19”), biker´s height 178-185 cm
      XL (21”), biker´s height over 185 cm

5.3. The renter must take notice about the following details when renting a bike

  • renter must reserve all the necessary additional gears for the bike – for ex. biking helmet, driving lights/safety reflectors, map holder, wheel/tire pump and adapter for the pumping a wheel tire
    • Notice! Head lamp is approved as a driving light so you don´t have to necessary take a seperate lamp for the bike
  • organizer will deliver the bikes to the competition centre until wednesday at 3.00pm
  • organizer will hand out the bikes when the payment is ok and the renter has assigned the rental contract
  • renter must check out the bike immediately when it is received and if the renter notices some mistakes or broken gears in the bike the reclamation must be done immediately. Organizer will provide another bike if the original bike is not possible to use
  • renter must notice also that if during the competition in this rented bike occurs some problems like malfunction of gear shifting or the break systems is not working well etc…organizer cannot refund these problems after the competition – these kind of situations are seen as a normal adventure race ”problems and things”
  • renter must wash and clean the bike after the competition (bike washing place is in the competition centre)
  • renter is also responsible if the bike has gone clearly broken somehow. These cases are check out when renter is returning the bike to the organiser´s officials in the competition centre.
  • organizer is responsible for delivering the bikes away from the competition centre after the competition.

5.4. Bike rental fees

Mountain bikes (MTB)

Extremely Lost 24 H and Lost 16-18 H: 150,00 € / bike (rental period Friday-Saturday)
Almost Lost 6-8 H and Casually Lost 3-4 H: 120,00 € / bike (rental period Saturday)


Extremely Lost 24 H and Lost 16-18 H: xx € / bike (rental period Friday-Saturday)
Almost Lost 6-8 H and Casually Lost 3-4 H: xx € / bike (rental period Saturday)

Notice! Limited amount of different bike sizes available!

Notice! Bike rentals and bike rental fees are not part of the participation fee in the situation of cancellation the participation. In these situations we cannot refund the payment made for the bike rental. Of course you can sell the bike rental for someone else who is participating in to the event – in this case please contact organizer ( as soon as possible so we can check out what we can do.

6. Terms of cancellation and changes

Read the terms of cancellations and changes from here (opens as a PDF-file)

Notice! The terms of cancellations and changes has been updated on 17th February 2023.